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Ocean Freight

Independent Sea Freight Department Exclusive Sea Freight Operations Office by the Port Well trained Officers & Staff to manage the division Ready to handle all requirements and exigencies.

Ocean Freight :

  • Excellent relationship with shipping lines, Port Authorities and Customs.
  • Exclusive consol services for associates and customers.
  • Dependable, Reliable and Cost Efficient Service.
  • Offices in all major ports in India.
  • Working with shipping lines of repute.
  • Operate a complementing transportation department with own trailer horses to move containers to inland points.
  • Our exclusive Sea Freight Department attends to the needs of all sea cargo related requirements of our customers. The exclusive Seaport office is the operations centre. The experienced and well trained Officers and Staff of the Dept. have the capability to handle every requirement & exigency.
  • We have over the year’s cultivated excellent relationship with all the shipping lines. The Dept. independently runs its exclusive consol services & has earned a reputation of being one of the best teams.
  • Exclusive leather and leather goods consolidation service introduced by the organization has earned wide acclaim both for rate and service.
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