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Consolidation & Rate Advantage

  • Sherif Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the recognized consolidators in India we have specialised services catering to needs of the associates and customers.
  • Specialized consolidation services to consol supplies from several vendors to a single or multiple Buyers, Buyers located in single/multiple locations
  • We undertake Purchase Order tracking and assemble cargo to suit consolidation schedules
  • We report on a daily/weekly basis (as required) or on the reaching of pre-determined milestones on the status of each buyer order and the corresponding supplier schedules
  • With confirmed volumes and delivery schedules we negotiate with airlines/shipping lines on delivery commitments and rate revisions on a periodical basis. Negotiated rates are passed on to the associate/customer thus ensuring cost efficiency & improve savings.
  • Monitor airline/shipping line loads and airlines’/shipping lines’ ability to meet committed delivery schedules and activate preventive measures to stabilize problem areas.
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